We as students want to offer a helping hand wherever we can, during this coronavirus crisis as well as afterwards. More than ever before has the coronavirus crisis made us students aware that we are an integral part of society, to which we can and want to contribute. Because the vulnerable will always be there, the students will always be there, and so will our willingness to contribute. #StudentsCare.

Whether it’s buying a carton of milk or walking the dog, there are simple tasks that people in isolation or at high-risk cannot perform on their own. We have a responsibility to both #flattenthecurve and take concrete action to lighten the burden on those most affected.

As the public health situation unfolds, our movement provides a strong platform to help individuals set up their own local hub and support them throughout. These hubs connect volunteers with those who need help, whoever they are depending on the needs of that community. The hubs usually have one of the following set-ups:

  1. Personal connecting | On the ground helping of the vulnerable
    Examples: Loughborough, Oxford, Orange County
  2. Businesses | Helping restaurants and cafés
    Examples: Vienna, Berlin
  3. Strict lockdown | Helping from home and at scale
    Examples: Delhi, Pune
  4. Educational | Fighting mis-information
    Examples: Brikama, Kampala, Benin City

StudentsAgainstCorona stresses (inter)national hygiene guidelines to avoid spreading the virus between volunteers and, most importantly, to those at-risk individuals who we are helping. We urge all volunteers to thoroughly read the Recommended Hygiene Guidelines for Volunteers and watch the instructional video before performing any tasks.

If you are healthy, and at low risk, join this movement to help others in your community!