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Whether it’s doing grocery shopping, picking up medication, raising awareness about the coronavirus or supporting vulnerable people and vital workers - students are helping all around the world. Everyone deserves the care they need.

Facilitated meal deliveries and food donations
Completed tasks, like grocery shopping and medication deliveries
Distributed PPE-supplies and other essential items

What We Do

Our Role

We connect students or locals to those in need, whichever form of need that is. This can be individuals, as well as businesses or organisations.

Starting a Hub

Simple and non-profit. Want to start your own hub or find out more about what we do? Check us out in the about page or click here to learn more.


Please be aware that recommended hygiene guidelines are very serious as failure to adhere to them could potentially put your life, and the lives of others, at risk.

Facilitated help to people: 125,272!